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'Llovizna' means 'drizzle' in Spanish. I picked 'Llovizna' as the blog name on 6th of January, 2010, as it gives a sexy appeal to my then mostly technical oriented drizzle of thoughts. 'Llovizna' discusses about the projects that I got involved, the coding fun that I had elsewhere, and some general thoughts on Information Technology, or even some of my random thoughts.
I assure that the posts appear in this blog are of the "Llovizna-quality". The thoughts represented here may have the influence of the communities and projects I am involved. However, by no means, these thoughts should be considered to be from those entities. 

Llovizna contains a range of posts from the technology posts such as 
Auto Scaling With Amazon EC2 to posts like
how to ignore someone you love, which are completely random. That's because, Llovizna is an independent blog, and there is no one to review or delay my posts. They are written and published sooner as they are born in my thoughts. Llovizna is neither a pure technology blog, nor an entertainment blog, though it may have both and more.

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